IP Transit

OI partners with national and global carriers to provide IP transit services to clients and customers.

This multi-homed BGP internet offers blended tier 1 carrier services that are consistent and reliable, whether it’s supplementing current existing capacity as a backup, or acting as the primary gateway to the internet.

The transit service is priced per megabit per second per month, using a 95e percentile burstable billing scheme.

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What is BGP IP Transit?

IP transit is a service that allows outbound and inbound traffic of a customer network to cross/transit a provider network to and from the rest of the global public internet.

IP transit consists of the following bundled Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) elements;

– The advertisement of OI‘s customer routes to other ISPs, thereby soliciting inbound traffic towards the customer from them –and the rest of the global internet-; and

– The advertisement of other ISPs’ routes –and the rest of the global internet– to OI‘s customers, thereby soliciting outbound traffic from the customer towards these networks.