OI is a private communications network established in 2020 with intention to focus on the European & Middle-eastern wholesale bandwidth markets.

OI is managed and operated by OIJ LTD; a GB-registered limited company under the Commercial Registrar number 13029323, operating as a modern boutique-like electronic communications & connectivity service provider, with capacity to serve businesses of all sizes with reliable internet solutions that are backed by the best customer experience in the industry.

OIJ LTD handles a specific niche, is highly specialized, and -although has a lighter weight workforce- it maintains access to highly qualified employees handling the business. OIJ LTD is not likely to handle a large number of customers; the plan is to serve a select number of customers who understand the value of working with a niche provider, where they have direct access to a managing director during and after sales.

Being independent, OIJ LTD has no board of directors, multiple shareholders, or future desire to be listed. The company director is the ultimate beneficial owner, making it of the utmost importance that OIJ LTD performs well.

ECS providers like OIJ LTD do not need any specific permission to operate; such providers are “generally authorized” to operate so long as they comply with the General Conditions of entitlement. OIJ LTD is currently in good standing. The company’s SIC are as follows:

61900 – Other telecommunications activities
63110 – Data processing, hosting and related activities

OI is currently present at two public facilities in Frankfurt, Germany, and one private facility in Amman, Jordan, with plans to extend presence to at least one public facility in London, Great Britain, and another in New York, USA, by 2022. In Frankfurt, OI can obtain transport extending connectivity to more than 10 other carrier-neutral facilities near instantly. In Amman, OI can obtain transport to key 3 non-carrier-neutral facilities within reasonable time frames.

OI is also remotely connected to internet exchange points for settlement-free selective peering as part of OI‘s Peering Policy.

OI‘s network status is publicly available, and custom statistics may be furnished upon request.